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The children chattered amongst one another, each of a different personality and though so young a number of them seemed more adult-like then Gideon would have expected, then again, he was never used to being around children of any race, let alone humans and angels.

Speaking of angels, the winged girl spoke of her home being within the clouds as myths have described and she wasn't wrong about them being myths, Gideon had heard of such stories, but he only knew them as that... 'stories'. He looked up to the sky as if he might see some sort of speck of a city up there, part of him didn't really believe the winged creature, such a claim was simply impossible and it's coming from the mouth of a child... though the child herself had wings, so there is some credibility there.

"I guess I am a cook, I do like food" Gideon chuckled, answering Yuurei's question.

The giant took a moment to stop and allow the purple haired girl to mount his shoe, he couldn't help but find this little one adorable and allowed her to use his foot as a ride, so he continued walking though he chose to be very careful with the girl.

When the moment finally arrived where the winged girl pointed out a grove, Gideon took long strides and reached the grove before most of the children. He slipped through the trees, placed the large table-like plate on a flat boulder, then pulled out a bag of sushi rolls he had made earlier for quick snacks for himself but decided to share with the kids instead, pouring them onto the plate beside the cooked meat. "Please dig in" he said as he sat down, picked up a portion of the sushis with a pinch of his fingers and ate them, being satisfied with that.

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
Yuurei commented that Oda’s home sounded like a nice place and to Oda, it was. “It is more than nice, puny boy!” He said with a large, scary smile and a deeply pride laced tone. After speaking he listened to the winged wench talk about her home, a place that lay somewhere in the sky. “If there were such a place I would have heard!” replying to her statement. It was hard to believe such a place existed but of the kid recalled he did hear something of a sky island from the pirates that took him. If such a place did exist, he one day would have to find his way there but for now he believed that no place did. His attention was soon taken from his own thoughts as he felt something it was not a something but more like a thing. It felt weird but he quickly ignored it as nothing would make him feel any other way but how he wanted.

Soon the winged wench pointed out a place for the kids to go and he was glad to finally stop moving so that the giant could bring Oda’s food back out. Whilst making their finals movements to their spot, something weird happened to Sofia and she ended up laying on the giants giant shoe. “Such a silly little girl” he said with a scoff as they finally reached a spot. The giant had reached the spot before the rest of them and had set up a giant plate full of a dish that he loved, sushi. Oda quickly made his way to where the giant had laid the sushi down and immediately began to dig in. “You’re pretty decent, large man!” He said with a mouth full.

Soundless Void


Soundless Void
Once they made their way to the part between the tree's Percila had pointed out everyone began to situate themselves for a comfortable spot, Yuurei chose to find a seat upon a rock as he licked his lips in anticipation for his meal while Percila chose to perch herself upon a nearby tree that was only but two or three meters from where everyone else was sitting, from her spot she watched as the only other female Sofia seemed to become suddenly lethargic as she had to lay against the giant Gideon's foot to keep herself up, Percila pondered for a moment of what could have suddenly happened to make her feel that way so suddenly but let it fade from her mind.

After the giant set up some odd looking food upon a flat rock he told everyone to dig in so Percila stood upon her feet as she let her wings flap and carry her off the tree to sit near everyone as she placed herself to the right of Yuurei as she watched the filthy boy dig into the food, perhaps had he been cleaner Percila wouldn't have minded him but the fact he was so eagerly grabbing the food while so uncleaned only made her face twist in a slight frown as she thought for sure the food was getting utterly contaminated.

Once the boy was done Percila grabbed one of the cleaner delicacies he hadn't touched and taken a bite, she closed her eyes as she let her mouth surrender to the impact of flavor as she chewed it before swallowing, Percila then turned to the giant Gideon, "This is quite tasty, you're skills are quite refined."



Yuurei had waited for the chicken, and soon enough he had seen on the huge plate. He was excited, and soon enough he had seen sushi on the plate. He grabbed a piece of the chicken and ripped it off of it, and took a bite. He chewed a bit and groaned because of how amazing it tasted. It wasn’t just that, but something had amplified his enjoyment of eating the chicken. It wasn’t just that, but at first, he had seen Percila as a pretty girl, but now it was different than before. He didn’t know what it was, but just looking at him gave him a good feeling. It brought him joy, but what went off the age on him was the sword that she had on her waist. There was something about swords and all the knowledge that his father poured into his head at home.

”This is some good chicken, Gideon.” He said to him.

He tried his best to hide it as his face was slightly red, but he couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by this desire. Yuurei heard Oda speak disrespectfully to him, but he ignored because he had other issues right now. He didn’t know what it was, but he felt like there was a thing watching over him. He didn’t know what this thing was, but it was the reason why he was acting like this. Yuurei ate the chicken, and could only try his hardest to not look in the direction of Percila. She had the sword, which made him her more attractive than Philipa. He took another bite out of the chicken and groaned from the amazing taste of this. While he was eating he could only pant as if he was exhausted, but it was all because he was trying to control himself until he couldn’t anymore.

”Percila could you come and sit next to me? I kind of want to see your sword.” He said as he looked down at the ground embarrassed that he even said anything like that.

Still, there was one thing he couldn’t stop doing through being embarrassed was eat the damn chicken.

This Thing could only smile and chant because what he was doing was working. His chants were succeeding as he continued to do it. He could feel the presence of the seventh child moving towards them and soon enough he would tag him with his curse. The tiger mink would go into his animal instinct and soon enough jump out of the trees and in front of the chicken. He didn’t pay attention to any of the kids there until he ripped a piece of chicken and indulged on the dead creature. While he was chomping he would look at everyone wondering when did they had arrived.

”Who are all of you!” He shouted.

He didn’t know why he did that as he wasn’t acting like himself, but he could feel this rage and anger building inside of him. Of course, at the same time, he would feel a headache throbbing through his head as he didn’t know what was wrong here.

”What is everyone’s name! Tell me or be dinner!” He said this until he saw the huge giant that was in the vicinity.

His eyes widen as he was surprised at first, yet at the same time, something wanted him to go and fight the huge being.

ooc: I brought Raijin's mink here as well, per his permission.




Nazaki had been happily sitting upon the Giants shoulder, finally quiet and just enjoying the view but in the distance he could feel...something While everything had been happening around him such as his peers eating and interacting with one another, he could only interact with himself. The young black boy could see the what felt like the world from Gideon's shoulder, he could see bunches of people, he could see some towns in the distance, some mountains and then he began to reflect on his own life. He was a poor kid from the slums of Baltigo with no direction and parents who were only managing to survive. Something random pulled him into a whole new realm of consciousness. He didn't know what it was but it felt... good? One moment he was gazing upon the world and the next he felt trapped inside his own body. A light within his mind seemed to groom him as his thoughts began to swarm into one place in his before his head began to pound. The rest of the world was blocked out and there he sat on Gideon's shoulder, in the middle of what appeared to be nothingness. That was when he realized something; none of this was real. Life, himself, his new friends...none of it felt real, none of it felt like life. All the pain and suffering he endured at such a young age for what? Just for him to die anyway? This couldn't be real. If death was inevitable wouldn't that mean that whatever is after what he knew as life now was the real thing? If everyone shared the same fate in the end did their lives in this world matter at all? Suddenly he felt bound to the world, as if he was incapable of moving from this place to the next like everyone else. He felt he wouldn't be able to die. His heart began to race, his conscience boomed with questions and answers to those questions, forming more questions and eventually concluding that death was the greatest thing about life. Death. All things died, so it had to be the true meaning of life. No more suffering, no more pain, no more just surviving. With his new found answer the young kids attitude seemed to change. It all needed to Without a second moment to ponder on it, Nazaki leapt from Gideons shoulder spreading his arms and closing his arms. Suicide. Suicide to ascend to whatever was next because he was so sure that whatever was next was the meaning of life, whatever was next was the answer to end all this. The kid slammed onto the ground, cracking his bones and ultimately losing consciousness for a moment. Is it over? he thought as his mind finally faded. Little did he know, it couldn't end for him so easily.

Lady Sofia


Lady Sofia
The Appearance of That. The Sinners Birth (FlashBack) - Page 3 DjFRtWx

Despite her best efforts to ignore it, the visions were still there, looming. Yet, by blocking it off, she had managed to observe it  these very visions - from a detached, external point of view. As if those thoughts were rushing as a river in a lower level of her mind, as her main focus was a vantage point that floated above it and spectated the wildness that was going on below.

She realized that this flurry of concepts were but products of her own consciousness, her own impression of something else. Fabrications of her own mind, sudden leaps of understand made by her own capability, with this thing being but a mere catalyst to make it start to happen, but otherwise, was nothing part of all of this rush in her mind.

It was merely herself.

All along.

But that thing was still there. Something. These ideas in her head weren't necessarily a product of his own fabrication, but it was evidence of him, as the being who has started this domino effect into her awareness. The catalyst.

But what was this thing? - that was what she started to wonder, but she got interrupted.

She snapped out of her stupor and self-reflection as a tiger Mink loudly appeared into the scene. He was also small, just like them.

The little noble held her head and tried to straighten herself up to look at him, from her vantage point on the giant's shoe.

"W-who... Are you? I'm Phillipa Sofia. Of the island of Sofia." she stated, introducing herself, as she rubbed her temple.



Though he had his share, Gideon was still hungry, he's a giant after all, he normally required a bigger portion. He dipped his hands into his bag to see what else he had prepared. After pulling out a plastic container, he had remembered he had prepared a BLT hero sandwich earlier in the day, though it was intended to be his meal for later, he shrugged his shoulders and decided to make it his current meal.

The small winged creature had complimented Gideon of his skill and the giant couldn't help but smile, "Thank you" his words muffled while he chewed.

Everyone seem to be enjoying themselves and all other concerns were behind them as they enjoyed the meal. But the first thing that cut Gideon off guard was the boy on his shoulder, who had jumped off his shoulder as if he was trying to fly and then face planted the floor, "Damn! his he alright!?" Gideon would have caught the boy, but he hands were full and couldn't react in time. He reached down and picked up the kid. Feeling his breathing, the giant relaxed a bit, satisfied that the boy was still alive.

Then the second thing to catch him off guard. some striped cat jumped onto the table and was ravaging on the food. It showed aggressiveness towards the group and even gave a threat. Gideon picked up a log with one hand and held it overhead, "Get away!" he threatened the talking cat, trying to aim the log carefully since he didn't want to harm any of the kids.

Jade Emperor


Jade Emperor
Whilst eating his chicken, that certain feeling of a Something had re-emerged. It was still a foreign feeling to him, it made him feel a way that he could not explain but that he felt that he could if he honestly tried. For no reason at all, young Oda felt his hubris seemed to sore through the roof. It was as if it was a truck and hit him dead on but it also felt good, like such a feeling was what he needed. He relished in his own glory before seeing that that Nazaki had made himself jump from the giants shoulder, which was indeed stupid of the mocha colored boy. Did he not know his tiny, fragile could break from such a height? Oda shook his head and reconsidered why he had agreed to be friends with such people that were beneath him.

After not going to hell Nazaki, thinking that the dumb boy had gotten himself in the mess he could get himself out of it, Oda turned his attention to a white cat that had appeared and started eating his chicken before asking names. “Excuse me, Kitty Cat, who the hell are you and why the hell are you eating my food!” Oda exclaimed as he jumped up. “And the only one who is going to be dinner is you if you keep speaking to your superior that way” he finished staring at the mink with blazing eyes. No one threatened him! However it seemed like Oda wouldn’t get the chance to attack like he wanted as the giant decided that the cat was a danger too and seemed to want it to go away.




Emanuel D. Angelov
"All Losses in this world are due to a lack of ability"
As a child, I loved playing games just like any other child would. They enraptured my heart and imagination before later coming back to reap me. Whether it was short, harmless excursions or drawn-out power games with the ones at the very tippy top. People loved to play games too and I could never refuse. I played with those I knew and those I didn't know. I diced with policemen and I rolled with beggers. I out-sinned against the sinners and I fleeced the virtuous. I outfoxed both the lame and old the same way I robbed the blind and arrogant. I played well too against the moon and the sun, though both always had full hands I could never touch, pick, nor pocket. I tricked the good and pilfered the bad. Time can pass and things change and things stayed the same, but please do make no mistake: I might be the Joker in your hand or I can easily be your Ace of Spades.

10 Years Ago

The 16-year-old Emanuel strode casually along the streets of Sabaody towards the docks where he had set up shop. Recently, a small portly merchant had been looking to hire him as an assistant navigator to help escort his merchandise to the next island. It was second-hand work again, no different than his last run where he was always running as the assistant or cabin boy at the very worst. Like always, it was touch-and-go. Get the job done with the least amount of suspicion and damage.

Since losing his mother and having his run with the thieves cut short, it was what he had mostly done to get by. Merchant ships were plentiful and usually paid enough for him to live on, so long as he took precautions and put enough safeguards in place to protect himself. A not-so-easy thing to do when you're a homeless wanderer thinking only of your next meal.

On his back, he was wearing just a simple shirt and tie he had bought for cheap from his last island. It was his only spare uniform; all of his other clothes smelled terrible without having washed them for weeks. As he continued to walk, Emanuel began to just simply daydream, walking along the cobblestone road without blinkering a thought.

The portion up ahead was blanketed with overhead trees, though Emanuel just kept going, treating it like a nice little nature walk. Sabaody was a nice looking island. It had a warm, homely feeling with rays of sunshine bursting through the silky leaves and places that appeared well-kept. Though this part was more jungle, it felt natural with an abundance of flora while the other half was  greenery architecture. There were long vines that drooped down so low he thought about climbing one all the way up to the very tippy top. The very road he strode upon was built underneath large roots that made amazing overhead archways.

Departure wasn't for a few hours; he had some time to spare. It was such a perfect day that he just strode along the winding road on a brisk nature walk. He tried to name and remember landmarks, though eventually gave up since this place made it easier for him to lose his sense of direction. He gasped and poked when one of the bubbles floating overhead came down and he was able to stick his arm clean through it and then let loose a child-like chuckle.

After around 30 minutes, he opened up his pocket watch to check the time. He still had plenty of time to kill before the merchant said he needed to be at the pier. Racking his brain, he reckoned he hadn't eaten well for the past few days. As he stared at the minute-hand, he suddenly had a bizarre creeping feeling in the back of his mind. Something didn't feel right, as if the soiled ground underneath him could be overturned any moment now. And when he furrowed his eyebrows and looked closer, for a second, he connected imaginary dots and he thought he could actually see something. Something, peering straight back at him.

His eyes began to open wide, but then the feeling passed and Emanuel shook his head. Nothing was there. Nothing. With a quick 'snap' he closed the watch and looked up at his surroundings. He was on an indistinct winding road surrounded by open space, vines, flora, and trees. He looked up and sighed. There was no visible sun through the trees so no way to manually check what direction he was facing. Without a headway, he just kept on walking and walking. Certainly if he kept following the road, he'd eventually find something.

Soon, he suddenly started to hear loud voices. "I guess I am a cook, I do like food""This is quite tasty, you're skills are quite refined." ”This is some good chicken, Gideon.” He looked about before catching sight of the full roundtable sitting by a mangrove tree with a large feast laid out before them. He could smell the basted herbs and the odor of fried chicken skin that had caramelized and well-seasoned.

It made his stomach grumble and his mouth was watering. He stared for a while from afar. It looked like a rather quaint bunch; a giant, two boys who looked human, a winged girl, and a young child. Their voices carried over and echoed his way, letting him hear their praise from enjoying their meal. Friends perhaps? He didn't know, but they did seem to him that they were just unrelated acquaintances out for a picnic.

Emanuel smiled warmly, hoping they were having a good time before setting off down the road on his nature walk. He wasn't intent on disturbing them, seeing as he needed to find food for himself and not rudely interrupt others during their meal. Glancing at the pocket watch again, he decided he had just enough time now to start heading back to grab something for his lunch.

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