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1Combat Rules Empty Combat Rules on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:24 am



combat rules

  • Respect - First and foremost roleplay is a hobby and something we do for fun. Some enjoy combat more, are more serious about it, and more skilled at it than others. Regardless of where we fall, we should always respect those we engage in it with and not turn it into a personal affair. Nothing should be an attack against a person as an RPer and we should remember that at the end of the day, this is just a game.

  • Damage Should you get hit with a PC or Staff controlled NPC, this is to help you understand what damage you would take. There is always still room for things to be different.

    Fatal: is something that can kill you in one hit without having to be too precise.

    Severe: is along the lines of putting someone in a dire state where they are at risk of dying in due time or just a substantial amount of damage.

    Major: damage isn't as bad as the two above it obviously, but it's still nothing to shrug at and can put you in a state where your life is on the line. Broken Bones. 3rd - semi 4th degree burns. Cuts to the bone.

    Moderate: encompasses things that can be shrugged off, but are still relevant and take a toll on you. Bruised bones and fractures. 2nd degree burns.

    Minor: wounds are things you can brush off. Knicks and scratches, bruises, 1st degree burns. Sure they hurt, but they're not gonna really slow you down much or make you stop fighting.

    Strength & Power vs Durability
    Durability Superior by 2 Points+ = No Damage
    Durability Superior by 1 Point = Minor - No Damage
    Deadlock = Minor - Major Damage
    Strength & Power Superior by 1 Point = Moderate - Major Damage
    Strength & Power Superior by 2 Points = Major Damage
    Strength & Power Superior by 3 Points  = Severe - Fatal Damage
    Strength & Power Superior by 4 Points  = Fatal Damage

    Recovery Topics
    Sometimes your character will suffer substantial damage. This includes, but isn't limited to things like limb loss, horrible bone breaks, burns, or even strikes that cause concussions and knock your character out. If this is the case, moderators will often order your character to do a Recovery Topic. This must be a non-combat topic and includes your character recovering from their injury or coping with it in some way shape or form. You can even be ordered to seek out a Doctor to treat your injury, it is all case by case. This is only the case for damage that is a result of PvP. PvP is considered to be any player vs player or player vs a staff controlled NPC altercation.

  • Post Interruption - On some forums post interruption isn't a thing, but here it exist and is allowed without need for consent. Post interruption is as it sounds, it is interrupting someone's post with the actions that occur in your post. Should you be interested in combat RP, learning how to and when the best time to interrupt post is vital.

  • Exit Interruption - Exit interruption is just like post interruption, but involves stopping someone from exiting a post. The only thing that needs to be said about this is that if someone post exiting a topic you have 24 hours to interrupt their exit as opposed to the traditional 48 hours to post.

  • Hit Claiming - Hit Claiming occurs when either a person has failed to respond to an attack within the 48 hours they are allotted or they have failed to properly respond with a defense or evasion to an attack made against them. Hit claiming must occur once it is the person who made the attack's turn. This is because a full rotation of rp must have gone by giving other participants a chance to possibly prevent the hit from landing.

    When the time to claim hits comes the claimer should supply solid evidence through use of quotes showing why the person in question has gotten hit. If it is questionable if the person is hit or not a battle mod will step in and determine the outcome.

  • Meta Gaming - This is using information your character shouldn't or has no way of knowing to influence what they do. If you are in a topic and something monumental happens in another topic you are not in, you can not gain information about this event until you enter a new topic. Be fair, no one likes Meta Gaming.

  • God-Modding - God Modding is taking control of a PC or NPC that isn't yours. This is against the rules unless you have a Skill approved by Staff that allows this.

  • Auto Hitting - Auto Hitting is claiming hits or saying you hit a PC or Staff controlled NPC in the same post the hits were attempted. In Role Play things are turn based and all players must have the opportunity react to actions executed. This is not allowed.

  • Power Playing - Power playing is when one exaggerates the capabilities of their characters. It can be small things like where one acts as if their character experiences no fatigue after a long line of physically costly actions or be something as major as a person illogically dodging a myriad of actions. Power playing is not allowed.

  • Placeholders - Placeholders are when people post in IC topics without actual IC content in attempt to hold their spot in a rotation/posting order. If someone attempts to do this, you can ignore it if you'd like to.

  • Edit Markers - On the contrary edit markers are post in IC topics without actual IC content that are used to track if the previous post has been edited after the marker has been posted.

  • Editing - Editing in a topic is not allowed unless all participants in the topic agree to allow the edit. This is more so a Combat Topic issue and will automatically resort in the post in question being voided.

  • Excessive Vague Manipulation - Vague Manipulation is supplying details where details was not supplied. Say Bobby ran at Timmy and tried to punch him. Vague Manipulation would be Timmy specifying Bobby punched with his left or right hand. It may seem like God Modding, but it is not, because Timmy is not taking control of Bobby's character, he is simply providing details that Bobby left out while still letting Bobby execute his punch.

    Vague Manipulation is allowed, but in modest moderation and definitely not used as the sole cause of someone's demise. It shouldn't be used to make someone break their own neck or cut themselves to death. We want people to learn, so Vague Manipulation should only be used to gain a slight advantage over people should they lack details within their post. Someone failing to mention they moved out of the way of their own attack or jumping off of a multistory building of undefined height is another story. Excessive Vague Manipulation is not allowed.

  • Death from burning, suffocation, bleeding out, drowning, any other way that isn't caused instantly for the most part takes 3 post to happen. This is still a highly debatable topic as the degree of things can change the severity. If one has a question regarding this timer, a moderator should be contacted before the next post of the one in question comes.

  • Voiding - Voiding occurs only after a moderator has made an official ruling on a dispute. When there are inconsistencies or rules broken in a post, it can be voided if a dispute about it is made. Voiding results in the post being ignored/erased and the person who got their post voided losing that turn.

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