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1General Rules Empty General Rules on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:24 am



general rules

  • Respect: Everyone should be deserves to be respected and will be respected on this forum. Jesting and joking is fine until or unless someone ask you to stop. We do not tolerate racism, sexism, religious bashing, or anything of the sort.

  • We have both Formal and Informal Staff on this site. You can find members of Formal Staff on the staff list widget, while Informal Staff is not particularly identifiable. Regardless all Staff have been trusted with a certain level of responsibility in their realm of authority. Respect Staff's decisions and do not argue with their rulings. If you want something approved, make the requested edits, Staff will not haggle and barter with members on applications.

  • Be courteous to those you are roleplaying with and the readers and provide quality content in your post. No one liners. 250 words minimum per post.

  • No images or coding are allowed to stretch the site's natural borders or alter the configuration of the site and its forums.

  • You may have 1 character per account, limited to 2 characters total. You can only have 1 Logia and 1 Mythological Devil Fruit across your accounts.  Each character must belong to different factions and may not directly interact with one another. In order to gain a alternate character simply posting forty times IC.

  • This site is PG-16 so violence and cursing is permitted. Excessive and unneeded cursing is highly frowned upon however. Any sexual occurrences, consensual or nonconsensual, are required to be alluded to and/or "fade to black".

  • Advertising other RolePlay sites is to take place in the advertisement section and the website you advertise must be open for advertising from other sites as well. Advertising via PMs or the cbox is a bannable offense.

  • Loopholing. Sometimes done innocently usually done on purpose, regardless it is not tolerated on this forum. Attempts to loophole rules will result in punishment.

  • Content from the Manga takes prevalence over the anime. Unless staff approves something that says otherwise, it will be treated as if it operated in the manga.

  • Your character can be in five topics max. One of which can be combat. It is to be noted that a total of One Flashback thread can be done per month, this topic counts towards your thread capacity of five.

  • All Topics are open by default. There is no private or invite only tag, nor is there a no combat tag. This may change with introduction of Turf Wars.

  • You can only post in forums your character is currently considered to be located on. Flashbacks are the only exception. You are entitled to one Flashback topic at a time.

  • Beli can be transferred between players, but you cannot do so in a way that transfers beli from one of your characters to another character that is also yours. This includes items and these transfers must be done ICly while in the same thread as the other transferee. This transfer doesn't have to take place ICly, however.

  • After 2 Months of unexplained absence, staff is not obligated to let you resume your character and keep OOC or IC items. You are considered to be a clean slate should you have no offenses against you on the site.

  • Regarding time we considered one in real life month is equal to three months in character. You do not have to have RP out three months that is just the max amount of time that can pass during one in real life month.

  • All rights go to Eiichiro Oda, the creator of One Piece©️

2General Rules Empty Re: General Rules on Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:38 am

The Janitor


The Janitor
Discipline and Punishment

Here I'm going to lay out a general system for warnings/punishments that can be discussed and refined by staff as needed.


  • As a general rule, members will be given one warning before disciplinary action is taken. Subsequent violations of rules will result in escalating punishment before resulting in a permanent ban.
  • Innocent mistakes may be met with a simple verbal warning as opposed to an official warning on a case by case basis.


  • 1 Violation: Warning
  • 2 Violations: Up to 10 Day Ban on Reservations
  • 3 Violations: Up to 3 Day Temporary Site Ban, 30 Day Ban on Reservations
  • 4 Violations: Up to 10 Day Temporary Site Ban, Indefinite Ban on Reservations
  • 5 Violations: Indefinite Site Ban


  • Over a period of 30 days, if a member accrues no violations, strikes against their account should decay to no longer count against them. 1 month of no violations, 1 strike gets removed. If a strike is gained before 1 month, the 1 month timer "resets" on all active strikes.

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