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Normalcy 30 years ago
For hundreds of years, the world was what people would consider "normal". Pirating was always a thing and the World Government was around for as long as anyone can remember or text can record. Civilization advanced to the point of entering what's called the "Industrial Revolution". Steam powered machinery is still fairly new, but now trusted to the point being installed on various islands and not just used in the work force. Pirates weren't nearly as notorious and dangerous as they are now. Nor did the self-proclaimed, "Freedom Fighters" of the Revolution have as much influence and strike as much fear as they do now. Now both these forces are an actual threat to the stability of the world and this all happened because of the acts of one man.

The Red King 25 years ago
Bizar D. Raudi, better known as Rowdy "Red King" Bizar, was the pirate who changed the world and it is not yet known if it was for better or for worse. He was an ambitious soul from his humble beginning to his dastardly end. This man ventured to what he called "The Beginning of The End", and many believe to be the end of the New World. This is still unproven as the New World is still a great mystery and majority of it is undiscovered. Nonetheless, the Red King and his crew embarked on their adventure to the brink of the New World in peak condition and returned in shambles. They thanked the Marines that stumbled upon them washed up on an island and considered themselves to be lucky to be imprisoned. The seven out of five-hundred that survived were in horrible shape having suffered gruesome wounds, even Bizar himself who boasted otherworldly resilience to damage had lost a leg.

When Marines interviewed the survivors of Bizar's crew and Bizar himself, he was the only one who shed any understandable light on what had occurred. The World Government still has the footage of these interviews and has them hidden from the world, but the fact they even have the footage isn't even information most renown information brokers have.

What he willingly told them was that he had "opened" something that could be revered as "Pandora's Box". As a result he had unleashed great calamities upon the world. Additionally, one of Bizar's crew members, Bloody O, showed the World Government a small pendant made of an unknown material that was engraved with an insignia he found at "The Beginning of the End". Despite these discoveries things weren't any different and it was written off as delusion from whatever beast they were unlucky enough to stumble upon. That was until the day following the Red King's execution. Many pirates envied the man as much as they looked up to him. The World Government saw this as a crippling blow to piracy and a great step towards ending it altogether, but things suddenly were no longer "normal" and what's called the New Age began.

Great Calamities - Fruits of the Devil 10 years ago
It's not clear what came first, but after this execution a multitude of things happened. Mysterious pieces of fruit with strange markings began to surface around the world. Upon eating them, the consumer of course gained unique supernatural abilities and powers, but as you know it goes, they lost their ability to swim. People were obviously more focused on the fact that they could potentially gain unimaginable abilities from these fruits and they quickly became a hit. Due to being unable to stop the people that ate these fruits and had these powers, the World Government outlawed Devil Fruits and those who ate them. Unless sanctioned by the World Government or operating as an agent of the World Government, Marine or Cipher Pol, possessing or eating a Devil Fruit was illegal. People always had the aptitude to learn to perform supernatural martial arts like Rokushiki, Hasshoken, etc, but all of a sudden a whole new lane of power opened up and it didn't require years of dedication and discipline to learn to be supernatural, it was instant.

Great Calamities - Poneglyphs & Three-Eyes 10 years ago
It's not clear what came first, but after this execution a multitude of things happened. Meteorites showered from the sky and landed in various locations around the world, some even in the ocean. These meteorites were later dubbed as Poneglyphs and are being hunted by the World Government, freelance knowledge enthusiast, and now the Revolutionary Army. Few have been discovered and even fewer have been translated, but the World Government quickly noticed the material they were crafted from was the same as the engraved pendant Bloody O showed them.

By the time word got around to retrieve the pendant from Bloody O, he wasn't found in his cell and he was never heard of or from again. It's unknown if he escaped or just disappeared, but he was issued a Bounty of 5,000,000,000 Beli, the largest Bounty to ever be issued. There was still this footage the World Government had of the pendant though. A team of World Government archaeologist were put on the job and they revealed that he insignia on the pendent was an ancient insignia the Three-Eyed Tribesmen used as a representation of their race. Immediately the World Government issued an alert and began to place Three-Eyed Tribesmen in interment camps to contain them. This is all the action that was taken until there was a confirmed account of a Three-Eyed child reading the undecipherable text etched into a Poneglyph without knowing how they knew how to read it in English.

The Government tried to contain Three-Eyed Tribesmen at an even faster rate and keep this occurrence a secret, but word quickly got out and around the world and back in a matter of a week. The interment camps went to hell from the inside out and outside in. With all the hell caused by pirates with Devil Fruits, the grief and anger from all the lost and destroyed lives were directed to the Three-Eyed Tribesmen. While some camps succeeded in their fight to get out, others didn't and a large majority of Three-Eyed Tribesmen were killed in these race fueled riots. Many fled to the Revolutionary Army that came to their aid in their time of need. Many found themselves escaping to the waters as pirates in accepting crews. Sadly some wound up getting wrapped into the Black Market and sold as slaves. A large majority hide their identity and attempted to stay integrated in society. A slim few fearlessly stayed and even miraculously took up office in the Government to fight for their race's rights. While it was never legal to take the life of or enslave a Three-Eyed in the first place, the general population, Marines and World Government included blamed this race for their problems. That said, Three-Eyed Tribesmen were often subjected to these inhumanities in broad daylight and no one would come to their aid.

In due time, an official law was passed specifically outlawing the mistreatment of Three-Eyed Tribesmen. Though it still happens in some close-knit towns, it's not as often as it used to be.

Birth of the Revolution 5 years ago
Crime had skyrocketed, hell had been raised, piracy got a second wind.

Not everyone who had these powers were evil obviously. There were and are many notable Marines who are Devil Fruit users, but we're talking about the Revolution. They always existed, but were more so seen as just bands of terrorist who couldn't swallow the fact they were bitter with the world like everyone else. Now they had the power to actually make a change and make a platform for their voices to be heard. A man named Qari Marx was fortunate enough to get his hands on a Devil Fruit one day. With all the violent acts being directed towards those of the Three-Eyed race being ignored by the World Government, he finally had enough. His Devil Fruit was and is powerful, but above all else it granted him the courage and confidence to organized those lashing out against the World Government. Over night he went from a lowly World Government employed Shipwright to leading what is now feared as the Revolutionary Army.

They amassed an unbelievable amount of riches from people who had given up their life of pirating to help their cause. Even some active duty Marines and Ex-Marines joined. In no time Qari found himself at the helm of an organization that didn't rival the World Government or Marines in numbers, but almost in resources and out-shined them in wits. Acts committed by them were no longer seen as petty terrorist attacks, but were now flames of the Revolution.

The New Age Now
It's not known if there are more calamities to come, but as of now things haven't settled down, but have become a bit more normal. Day by day the world is finding its rhythm once more. Things are far different than what they used to be just a shallow year ago before the execution of the Red King. No one will ever forget how it used to be. Nonetheless, this is the state of things now.

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