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1Attributes Empty Attributes on Thu Dec 07, 2017 1:23 am



Attributes define the physical capabilities of your character. This will be your guide on how to properly illustrate and understand your character's physical limitations. The attributes are as follows: Strength & Power, Endurance & Durability, Speed & Agility, Perception, and Spirit & Willpower.

Strength & Power
As expected, this attribute signifies someone's ability to exert a physical force. However, in this case, it will also determine the strength of non-physical abilities as well, such as the elements or effects caused by Devil Fruits or fighting styles.

Endurance & Durability
Endurance & Durability deals with one's resistance to attacks on their person, internal and external. This delves into being able to resist poisons, disease, and even promotes longevity. Additionally, the Endurance aspect grants perseverance when it comes to how long they can perform in combat without becoming fatigued. In the case of two beings have the same level Armament Haki, the one with the highest level of this attribute would be regarded as superior.
**Internal organs are regarded as one level lower than a person's actual Durability.

Speed & Agility
This attribute has everything to do with flexibility, movement speed, acrobatic ability, and general maneuverability. The more of this attribute you have the faster you move and the more coordinated you are with your movements. However, you are not always moving at top speed, requiring a Skill to get up to maximum speed as fast as possible.
**Moving at Speeds 1 level above your Perception induces a tunnel vision like effect. Moving at Speeds 2 levels or more above your Perception is akin to going blind for however long the movement persist.

Perception deals with the five senses and, when we take into account Haki, the six senses characters possess. This attribute enhances how fast we process the information our senses give us and how much detail we can get as well. Additionally, it deals with mentality and the intellect of characters. Not to say you need high Perception to be smart, but when it comes to crafting seamless plans and processing large amounts of information at high-speeds to get mental advantages, this is your trait. In the case of two beings having the same level Observation Haki, the one with the highest level of this attribute would be regarded as superior.
**You are visually unable to perceive things occurring at a Speed two levels above your Perception.

Spirit & Willpower
Spirit & Willpower deals with a character mental resilience and fortitude. Even when knocked out, with enough of this stat, you'd be able to rise again to continue your fight. While Endurance & Durability deal with your ability to mitigate damage, this attribute deals with your ability to tolerate that damage. In addition to that, Spirit & Willpower also determines the potency of of Haki one has.

How they work
To put it simply, attributes gauge a character's capabilities. Each attribute operates independently from the others, each having a differing level that gradually increases over time. They operate on a ten-point scale, ranging from 0 to 10 depending on the strength of a character. These illustrations exist per One Piece standards, where a peak human condition for them could be viewed as supernatural in the real world.

The Ten-Point Scale
0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Attributes SNblDSg
0 - Base Human
Failing to have a level of priority in any given stat lands you performing at average human levels. This isn't even World's Strongest Man in the real world, you're just a normal civilian.

2 - Tertiary
Now you have peak human condition per One Piece standards. Lifting large boulders and knocking down trees with your strikes is feasible. While you aren't quite super human, a normal person is surely no match for you.

5 - Secondary
This is where you officially break into supernatural territory. Similar to the Straw Hats return to Sabaody Archipelago after the time skip, you are now capable of actions that would make people truly believe you are a spectacle to behold.

8 - Primary
At this level, you are capable of actions that are a grade above even supernatural. Astonishing feats that normal people wouldn't even begin to understand. Zoro and Luffy's pain tolerance and Gear Fourth Luffy's power are some examples of the feats you'd be capable of.

10 - Legendary
This is where you transcend all other ranks, being capable of feats that are seen as nothing but otherworldly. Kaido's endurance, Whitebeard's pain tolerance and strength, and Shanks' willpower are all examples of things that are the upper limit of the One Piece universe. At 10, you are at the pinnacle of performance.

How to get them
All attributes, save for your character's starting attribute, all start out at 0. Your starting attribute starts out at 2. Upgrades for attributes can be purchased in our Site Owned Shop. *Here*.

9 and 10, however, are ranks earned through achievement. They are received upon reaching 100 and 200 Prestige respectively. Usage of a Mode is also another way to push the cap, but this would be a temporary boost.

Point Totals
A character can have a maximum of 35 points allocated into their Attributes. Without Uncapped points, an Attribute cannot exceed 8 Points. Points can be purchased in the Site Owned Shop.

Levels 9 and 10 can be referred to as Uncapped Points. They do not count towards that 35 hard cap. They are the only way an Attribute will be allowed to go over level 8. However, the maximum Uncapped Points that a PC is allowed to have in total is two (2). They can be spent elsewhere and do not have to be spent to push an Attribute beyond 8.

First Point - 10,000,000
Second Point - 15,000,000
Third Point - 25,000,000
Fourth Point - 35,000,000
Fifth Point - 60,000,000
Sixth Point - 100,000,000
Seventh Point - 150,000,000
Eighth Point - 200,000,000
Examples of Character Builds:

To better illustrate the capabilities of the point values, below are Canon characters with values assigned to their Attributes.
Strength & Power: 7
Endurance & Durability: 6
Speed & Agility: 7
Perception : 7
Spirit & Willpower: 10
Total 35 (+2 Uncapped)

Arlong Park Luffy:
Strength & Power: 3
Endurance & Durability: 3
Speed & Agility: 1
Perception : 2
Spirit & Willpower: 2
Total 11

Sabaody Archipelago Luffy:
Strength & Power: 6
Endurance & Durability: 5
Speed & Agility: 5
Perception : 4
Spirit & Willpower: 4
Total 24

Current Luffy:
Strength & Power: 7
Endurance & Durability: 7
Speed & Agility: 6
Perception : 6
Spirit & Willpower: 6
Total 32

Gear Fourth Luffy:
Strength & Power: 9
Endurance & Durability: 8
Speed & Agility: 8
Perception : 6
Spirit & Willpower: 6
Total 35 (+2 Mode)

Strength & Power: 9
Endurance & Durability: 9
Speed & Agility: 6
Perception : 6
Spirit & Willpower: 7
Total 35 (+2 Uncapped)

Strength & Power: 8
Endurance & Durability: 10
Speed & Agility: 6
Perception : 6
Spirit & Willpower: 7
Total 35 (+2 Uncapped)

Big Mom:
Strength & Power: 8
Endurance & Durability: 9
Speed & Agility: 7
Perception : 6
Spirit & Willpower: 7
Total 35 (+2 Uncapped)

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